Business Solutions

Bespoke communications allowing you to make the most informed choices on physical and futures markets. With an extensive knowledge of local customs, formalities and contacts that enable us to avoid potential pitfalls and risk around the globe. 

Cotton Close up

Cotton Market Insights

  1. Fundamental, non-fundamental, footprint & insights.

  2. Reports issued 1 to 3 times per week.

  3. Views on future price direction.

Risk Management Solutions

  1. Full position transparency.

  2. Slate, basis plus dynamic margin management.

  3. Futures & options advisory & brokerage.

  4. OTC & embedded pricing solutions.

Sourcing & Sales

From: Brazil, Greece, Spain, Americas, Australia, Africa and India.

To: Bangladesh, Vietnam, Turkey, S. E. Asia, India and China.

Traceable & sustainable program assistance customer liaison.