Who we are

Earlam & Partners Ltd (EAP Ltd) was established in 2009 by Jo Earlam, after working for 18 years as a cotton trader in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Today the organisation has an expert team of consultants who are devoted to helping our customers make well-informed operational and financial decisions. Our in-house brokers and integrated consultancy platform can provide hedging for end customers and farmers alike. We have proven processes for collecting data and delivering insights into market fundamentals, money flows, technical, statistical and macro analysis. 

No matter how the markets perform we provide our clients with the data and insights needed to hedge against risks and make the right decisions for their business. Not only do we provide bi-weekly reports on the market, but we aim to consistently improve our clients’ profit and loss each year. 

What did EAP say?

What we do

We have built an environment which is conducive to the learning experience and we encourage our people to always go the extra mile.

Jo Earlam, CEO

EAP have developed our own price prediction system to help ascertain the future direction of commodity markets, with an unparalleled degree of accuracy.  This tool helps our customers to make informed hedging decisions. The system is the culmination of decades of data, knowledge and experience, analysing soft commodities by the EAP team.

How did it begin

January 1984 - December 1990

Stock brokerage & derivatives

Jo Earlam worked for 6 years as a stock broker in London, where he learned about trading and derivatives until his departure in 1990. 

January 1984 - December 1990
January 1991 - December 2008

Jo Earlam starts trading Brazil cotton

Jo worked as a senior trader and part owner of a commodity trading business in Liverpool. In 2000, Jo started trading Brazilian cotton (among other origins) to destinations such as Japan, Indonesia and Pakistan. Jo also gained experience in currency trading as well as hedging strategies for cotton clients.

January 1991 - December 2008
January 2009 - Today

Creation of Earlam & Partners Ltd

Jo started his own commodity consultancy business, based on the Wirral, providing weekly reports on the futures and physical cotton market. He also began brokering cotton to his clients as well as consulting. EAP currently provides insight on the cotton market and risk management solutions as well as sourcing and sales of cotton. 

January 2009 - Today
March 2020

Creation of sister company

Jo formed EH&W in 2020, which works alongside EAP Ltd. Their list of clients ranges from farmers all the way to retailers, providing insight across the whole supply chain. 

March 2020
November 2021

Macrovesta Software

The EAP team began developing a digital price prediction system to analyse the future direction of commodity markets pricing. Statistical and technical analysis helps provide insight,  especially in volatile times, and our Macrovesta solution delivers safe navigation through stormy times. 

November 2021

Resource & Planning

Farmers need to fully understand all costs associated with their crop production to yield a successful season. We have designed a platform that covers all of the details surrounding how a farm operates, incorporating all inputs to account for every expense from ginning facilities. This platform suggests improvements in cost management to account for changing market dynamics.

Price Prediction

Our system uses our algorithmic model to analyse the current market position and historical performance going back over 60 years.  Armed with this knowledge, along with our experienced and agnostic view of market fundamentals our traders can deliver informed and confident predictions for the coming season.

Contract Management

Our Contract Management System is an all-in-one system for managing position and fixation strategy. By integrating this system to your operations, you will be able to centralise all aspects of both physical and futures markets, all of which is presented in our single dashboard view. This is designed maximise profits and protect market positions. 

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Business Solutions

You will find insight, expertise and innovative ideas to help you achieve your objectives. We provide insights on the cotton market, risk management solutions, and sourcing & sales.


Support in gathering, analyzing and delivering the most up-to-date market information. Constant communication to cater to the commodities market’s fast-paced scenario.

Market Reports

Providing detailed information on the futures and physical markets. Reports are issued 1 to 3 times per week in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.